Making music with the MSP430

As expected, post-secondary responsibilities have been pretty much overwhelming.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t bit of wiggle room for some creative fun, even within the context of course requirements!

So here is a quick video demonstrating a ‘music making’ program I made in C that works with the MSP430 microcontroller and a piezoelectric beeper to generate what can subjectively be described as music!


Inventory Slot – 3D UI

This Friday marks the completion of the first components of the 3D Inventory System: the design and interface of the Inventory Shell, Inventory Box, and Inventory Slot, as well as a working implementation of the Inventory Slot 3D UI.

The Inventory Shell and its blueprint counterpart encapsulate the entirety of the 3D Inventory System, and several unique templates will be included in the final release.  The Inventory Shell composes of both the static design of the system’s various components suited to fit the user’s inventory management needs, as well as user defined parameters which can be dynamically altered to customize the layout.

So far, only one such component has been completed, the Inventory Slot.

The Inventory Slot is a single 3D widget that portrays the immediate relevant data of a single ‘Inventoryable’ object (the InventoryableInterface can be implemented by any existing object).  This includes a ‘Title’, ‘Icon’, ‘Statuses’, and ‘Data’.

Below is a small snapshot of a blueprint implementation of an InventoryBox (an other C++ interface) spawning inventory slots for each Inventoryable item contained inside it (an ‘InventoryBox’ could be a literal box, or it could also be anything else that contains objects, such as backpacks or even people):


The following is a spawned 3D Inventory Slot in-game (Please note that this is still only programming art):


And from another angle:



Beginning of modularizing the Soldier Outfitter System

Above is a video of the alpha version of a Soldier Outfitter system I developed in the summer of 2015.  I received a few requests to release this on the UE4 Marketplace and so this week I’ve begun the process of modularizing the system for an official release.  The aim is to produce an inventory system that is as extensible and adaptable as possible. Developers shall be able to utilize this system across a variety of game genres.  Occulus Rift support is also planned.

Hopefully I will be able to provide weekly updates on progress, but no specific completion date has been set as this system will be developed concurrently with my post-secondary responsibilities.

A snippet of a planning diagram: