3D UI Design System – Latest UI Element: Collapsing List Menu

This latest development for the 3D UI Design System for UE4 is a new UI Element I’ve called the Collapsing List Menu (CLM).  This 3D menu has animated transitions between menu options, and the developer is able to assign a unique collapsing widget to each option (ie: the developer can assign something like a grid-based inventory list to certain options, a scroll box of sliders for others, etc, encapsulated and managed within the CLM UI Element)

Customization and tweaking of the CLM is made easy, as all basic parameters are kept in the UI Design class for the current design, while the CLM automatically handles changing parameters upon instantiating a game session.  This means that adding and removing entire menu options, collapsing widget types, animation speed, scaling, and so on, can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or seconds.


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