The Ultrasonic Motion Capture Device – Shape Drawing Demo

The Ultrasonic Motion Capture Device is an Msp430 microcontroller driven system that uses a set of ultrasonic distance rangers to capture the motion of an object in three dimensional space.  The process involves using sonic emissions that are picked up by a set of a receivers, which provide a set of distances from which we can triangulate a position for the particular emitter.

More theory and specific design to come soon..


Making music with the MSP430

As expected, post-secondary responsibilities have been pretty much overwhelming.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t bit of wiggle room for some creative fun, even within the context of course requirements!

So here is a quick video demonstrating a ‘music making’ program I made in C that works with the MSP430 microcontroller and a piezoelectric beeper to generate what can subjectively be described as music!